RiscPro Comply Software

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RiscPro Comply will make Information Security and Compliance easy to understand and accessible for businesses with little or no InfoSec function.

RiscPro Comply will allow you to create your very own internal information security compliance function. Enabling your company to understand, self-assess and continuously improve your data security and compliance. 

Present internal compliance assessment reports to stakeholders and auditors to prove commitment to compliance and ongoing improvement.

Manage your compliance projects and reach your information security goals. 

Obtaining certifications such as ISO27001 gives your stakeholders confidence that you take information security and compliance seriously. It is a way to clearly demonstrate your compliance to regulators, existing and potential customers and in business to business relationships.

If you want to work towards a certification but don’t know where to start, RiscPro Comply can guide you through all the controls and processes you need to have in place, ready for the Assessor. Select your chosen standard/regulation (PCI DSS, ISO27001; GDPR or DPA) and using RiscPro Comply, perform a gap analysis by answering the well-defined questions. This will give you a clear picture of your current position, highlighting areas that need attention as well as the processes that you have already implemented. The software allows you to assign relevant action owners, set deadlines and run progress reports throughout the project. As you work through the program, you will strengthen your compliance position and increase your confidence in running an InfoSec project.

Save resources through cross-standard and regulation mapping.

Businesses face an ever-increasing list of regulatory, statutory and contractual obligations. Often it will feel like you are duplicating effort and wasting resources as there are processes and policies that are applicable across standards and regulations. By using RiscPro Comply, once you have a process in place, it maps across to the other standards, saving you time and money by preventing unnecessary repetition of tasks.


The benefits for your business

Reduce costs:

No need for a dedicated InfoSec department or expensive consultancy fees to implement and run your Information Security Management System (ISMS) effectively. Together with RiscPro Comply and an in-depth knowledge of your business you can put a successful ISMS into operation.

Easy to understand, clear instructions:

We use straightforward language to translate complicated legal terms and regulatory text into simple requirements with clear remediation actions.

Safeguard against fines:

All organisations in the UK which store, transmit or process personal data must be DPA compliant. If you suffer a data breach and are not DPA compliant the Information Commissioner's Office can levy fines over  £15M. Using RiscPro Comply, you can ensure you are following all practices required by law.

Continued improvement:

Build your compliance position as you work through your RiscPro Comply remediation plan. A personalised dashboard clearly indicates your current status against completed objectives through pie charts and percentages. Progress reports track your improvement over time providing useful Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s).

Prepare for certification:

Work through your chosen standard/regulation to make certain you have all the policies and processes in place to gain a new credential or ensure a successful re-certification.

Build an ISMS framework:

If you are starting from scratch in building your information security management system (ISMS), RiscPro Comply will advise you on the necessary controls that should be in place for a strong foundation. This includes policies, processes and the records to be kept and for an effective ISMS.

Review your current InfoSec and Compliance processes:

If you have concerns over the robustness of your existing security controls, use RiscPro Comply to review your processes to determine if you are ready to respond effectively to events such as an information security incident or data subject access request (SAR). 


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